Privacy Policy

SC HELSINKI HOTEL (under called “Hotel”) considers it is very important that pricy agreement. Our hotel announce for your personal information how it works and what steps are being taken for privacy agreement.
1. Purpose of personal information processing
Hotel deal with personal information and we are not use for this following purpose
- We check the hoping to register, identify their own information for providing service. And paid for service charge, delivery for service goods
2. Period for personal information processing and possession
① Personal information is processed and held in the Hotel ,according to Ordinance and agreement of personal information When collect information about subject of information.
② period for specific personal information processing and possession. Please follow next sentence.
☞ Refer to sample sentence, we write for personal information processing, possession and ordinance.
- customer register and management: until revocation of contract. But if we have exist as relationship claim and obligation,until settlement.
- Supply record for E-Commerce on Electronic commerce, Consumer Right of Defense, payment, goods etc.: 5years
3. The user The user who main agent of information and right obligation can exercise for legal representative and how that event this following rights.
① The user who can exercise their rights about personal information protection whenever they want.
  • 1. demand for reading personal information
  • 2. demand for reading personal information
  • 3. demand for deletion
  • 4. demand for processing halt
4. Write on article of personal information processing
① Hotel deal with following personal information

<Reservations / Q/A
- Essential item: name, e-mail, mobile phone number, home phone number, password number, question and answer.
- Choice item: name, e-mail, mobile phone number, home phone number, password umber, question and answer

5. Destruction of personal information
In principle, hotel delete personal information when hotel achieve their goal what is personal information processing. Destruction of processing, period and method are as follow.
- Destruction of processing

The user who input personal information what move to separate DB ( in case of paper , separate document) after achievement of target .and then follow the party line saved or destroyed immediately. In this context, the personal information what move to DB that cannot be used for any other purpose. Exclude in case of under law.

- period for destruction of personal information

The user whose personal information can be destroy as follow reasons
1. within 5 days from end date of possession period
2. within 5 days from date that admit unnecessary for personal information possession. And end of service, business etc.

6. Installation, Operation and Rejected of Personal Information Accommodation Devices
Hotel do not use “cookie” what save the information and call from time to time.
7. Write chief privacy officer
① Hotel take charge all personal information possession. And assign to chief privacy officer for Grievance settlement, Damage control

▶ chief privacy officer
name : yong hoon, cho
position : president
Tel : 051-747-0008, [email protected], 051-747-7311
※ connect to department of privacy agreement.

▶ department of privacy agreement
incharge : yong hoon, cho
Tel : 051-747-0008, [email protected], 051-747-7311

② When you stay this hotel, you can inquiry all personal information Grievance settlement and Damage control. Hotel will answer and control for all your inquiry.
8. change for personal information handling policy
① This personal information apply from enforcement date. And we announce through notice board before 7days when we have addition of change contents, revise, deletion, etc.
9. Action for personal information safety assurance
Hotel takes many actions against safety assurance for technique and management
1. Routine inspection by ourselves

We have inspected the personal information safety assurance by ourselves.

2. Establish the Internal management plan.

We carry internal management plan into effect for personal information handling policy safety.